M1 offers the highest level of security to protect your goods. It is a brand-new centre with the most up-to-date, sophisticated equipment available.


The M1 Mega Storage security team keeps a keen eye on all traffic in and out of the storage areas with CCTV cameras placed in key locations around the facility, ensuring your goods are held in a secure environment. The CCTV footage is kept for a period to be reviewed if the need arises.

Individual armed spaces

The Access Control System at M1 Mega Storage is integrated into a sophisticated alarm system connected to every storage unit. This system provides the highest level of security in the self-storage industry.

Access control

You will receive your own security code for the front gate and storage unit, and you have unlimited access, so you can use the facility any time you like. There are no access fees.

Daily lock check

M1 Mega Storage staff carry out a lock check every day to ensure that every storage unit is locked and secure.

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Your items will be safe, secure and easy-to-access at M1 Mega Storage!

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